I’ve noticed many times in my acupuncture clinic that when I start treating someone for a condition, such as low back pain, clients often report unusual side-effects!  Three come to mind immediately:

1) Improved sleep

Acupuncture can calm the mind and encourage peaceful sleep

2) Lighter mood

Acupuncture moves the qi (chee) and lifts mood

3) Less heartburn

Acupuncture ‘tells’ the internal organs how to function better

The reason for this is that acupuncture, while reducing pain one particular area, also affects other parts of the body because all organs and systems of the body are connected, either by blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic system or connective tissue…in Chinese medicine, simply by meridians. These ‘pathways of energy’ circulate the whole body, and the needles unblock or calm the flow, thereby instructing the systems of the body to function well together. This brings the body towards equilibrium (in western terms it’s called homeostasis) and many niggling symptoms can miraculously disappear – inner balance!

If you click on the URL below, you will find a great case study highlighting the many benefits (and often side-effects) of having acupuncture, particularly for difficult, long-term problems.

Clients come from all over the Macarthur, including Douglas Park, Picton, Harrington Park, Appin and of course Campbelltown. So, if you have a health issue that’s been bothering you for a while, try acupuncture and feel a whole lot better!


Covid-19 Update Extension and tightening of lock-down restrictions for Greater Sydney

Due to the extension and tightening of lock-down restrictions in Greater Sydney, face-to-face services at Five Elements will be on hold until further notice. We are still available for enquiries via phone or email in the interim. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.