Not really a blog, but an article I found on a diet which I fully endorse. I was introduced to it following discussions on weight loss and high cholesterol. I didn’t need to lose weight, but my cholesterol was elevated enough for me to need to do something about it. I therefore followed a fairly strict low carb, high fat diet, in order to see if it would lower my cholesterol. After only eight weeks, my cholesterol was lowered from 6.7 to 6.2. I also lost 4kg. This goes to show that fat doesn’t make us fat!  I will therefore be following this diet, albeit less strictly, on a permanent basis due to the fact that it’s easy to follow and it also has many known health benefits. Copy and paste the link below:

Covid-19 Update Extension and tightening of lock-down restrictions for Greater Sydney

Due to the extension and tightening of lock-down restrictions in Greater Sydney, face-to-face services at Five Elements will be on hold until further notice. We are still available for enquiries via phone or email in the interim. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.