A 75 year old lady hobbled into my clinic a few months ago. She was desperate for relief of her severe back pain. She had intense nerve pain including burning/tingling/stabbing and shooting pains down her leg. She was taking Lyrica and Celebrex with some relief, but the pain was increasing over the weeks. She was unable to lie flat, so I treated her while she was sitting in the chair. The first session offered no relief, and I wondered how well she would respond. However, after the second session that week she reported a slight improvement, with reduced pain and tingling in her leg. Her back was still very painful. Improvement continued slowly for several weeks, having two treatments a week. With advice such as sleeping with a pillow between her knees, and using a walking stick for support, she progressed to weekly appointments and she slowly reduced her pain medications. After 10 treatments she decided she would return in one month. After three more treatments at monthly intervals, she decided she didn’t need any more appointments as she was moving freely, with no medications and no walking stick.

Here’s to acupuncture…again!